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Give A Puck : Air Hockey Fundraiser for the ACLU

  • Ocean's 8 Billiards

When your civil rights are under attack, what do you do? Stand up, fight back ... with air hockey! Grab your friends and come to Brooklyn for a night of air hockey, drinks, and prizes! All proceeds go to the ACLU. Beginners welcome!

UPDATE : Give A Puck Was a Massive Success!

Thanks to everybody for coming out!  What an awesome night!  Everybody had a great time, we played TONS of air hockey, Erin from the ACLU gave us a rousing speech, and we even got to see two air hockey professionals go at it!  Best of all, we raised a whole bunch of money for the ACLU -- $1628 to be precise!  Stay tuned for updates, because we are DEFINITELY doing this again -- probably some time in May.  Hope to see you soon!